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Verona Nails & Spa Near Me - Nail Salon Littleton 80128 : Yesss! Every year we’re all waiting for this time — holiday season! If you’re not excited for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, I do not know there is anything else to be excited about! So, what would you like to do to embrace the dazzling season? You buy new coats and new boots. You go for holiday makeup looks. You have a gorgeous hairstyle. In that case, your fingernails — the most important accessory to warm your winter hands — cannot be ignored in the holiday season.

Seriously, there is no better accessory to pair with your new chunky knit than a chic, mod manicure peeking out from your sleeves. Besides looking attractive, painting nails with a high-quality nail polish also serves a purpose: When it comes to nails in the winter, it's actually better not to go bare. Nails tend to peel and crack more in the winter season, so wearing polish actually helps guard them from those conditions. And, of course, don't forget cuticles and hands: Stash a hand cream with thick emollients to smooth them throughout the chilly day.

Now, let’s get to the point. The following are some of the best winter nail art designs to inspire your holiday manicure.

Everything that glitters is gold.

Paint your nails a simple color like white and pink, then finish the look off with glitters and gems. It will be a wonderful winter design and an excellent choice if you want to add a touch of luxury to your seasonal nails. These bling-bling nail designs have a jolly charisma that can help you to stand out at any parties.

Go for green.

Different colors of nail polish have different meanings to the one who uses it. Green is the official color of Christmas. Why said that? Just look at the Christmas trees around you! Nail lovers can experiment with different textures and shades of green this season. Go trendy — go for green you won’t have any regrets!

White winter nails.

Snow is white. Thus, your nail polish should also be white this winter. White winter manicure signifies wisdom, innocence, peace, as well as purity. So, if you are going to be asked which nail art design you love, one of the quick answers is the white winter nail design. Aside from that, you can also wear white nail art for the whole year since it is universal.


Verona Nails & Spa Near Me - Nail Salon Littleton 80128